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The Artful Dodgems are an arts and entertainment company, specialising in bringing vintage venues back to life. We rescue and revive old fairground structures, repurposing them as venues for all occasions. We have a growing collection of enchanting vintage venues, which we have lovingly restored and equipped for a multi-purpose future.

We also provide content for various types of event, as well as producing and curating our own festivals. With years of experience producing events of all kinds, we provide content that is both classic and innovative, in tune with the spaces we create.

The many packages we offer include live music, roller discos, silent discos, swing dancing, beer halls, comedy clubs, formal and informal dining, and a range of formats for arts events, weddings, Christmas markets, film screenings and more.

We’re also excited to collaborate on interesting projects and are open to any and all ideas of how to use these unique and versatile venues. And although the cars themselves are decommissioned, they are still available for set dressing and to give that touch of nostalgia to any themed event. How about a Dodgems “drive-in” movie? Or carpool karaoke? Maybe get married in a Dodgem car…?

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