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We love a wedding, especially one with a difference! Whether for the ceremony, dinner, reception or all of the above, our main venue is a perfect setting for your big day - charming, quirky, beautiful, and guaranteed to enchant your guests.

Think marquee, but a thousand times better - with a level wooden floor, full traditional lighting, and bags of character. Perfect for all weather, and can be hired alongside our other smaller venues, for extra seating areas, bars, mini-discos, and whatever else you need.


Main venue dry hire

Supporting venues





You can also browse our content options, which we offer for all kinds of parties and weddings, from live music to roller discos to dance classes and more.


You'll need the space to set up, of course - or you can contact us for options of locations around the country. Prices vary according to several factors - see our specs page for what you (and we) need to get things up and running.

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